Frustrated and Working From Home?

Like what the hell?

Crazy times hey?! CV19 got you at home on a life and work lock down? Same here Hun! I’m seeing all over social media the frustration people are feeling working from home, then having to stay in as well, I think it’s got a lot of people going stir crazy. The way I see it we can either succumb to the mind numbing boringness of being at home or we can use this time and come out of isolation looking and feeling like an absolute queen (whilst promising not be drinking gin by 3pm and ordering Papa john’s 3x a week cause it’s something to do!).

Whether or not your working from home or the situation has forced you to be at home, we are all feeling pretty fed up right? Wrong!!…. Here are my tips on staying sane (and in the same jean size) so, lets learn to love lockdown.

Stop Procrastinating babe!

Get up around 9am, make a brew, watch Holly and Phil, scroll through insta, spend an hour on Tiktok, have a biscuit, maybe get dressed, go on Facebook, oh hello its 3pm. Day done! Boringgg as hell if you ask me! You’re unsure what day/time it is, and you think ‘I’ve done piss all this week’ CORRECT! This is what’s called procrastination / mooching around or basically just messing around. Now I’m not going to sit here and preach at you like your mum, but procrastinating leads you to feel frustrated, bored and eventually like a waste of space. Now if you’re working from home,

I wouldn’t imagine your procrastinating much at all but if you’re not then what exactly are you doing? I’m going to do a more in-depth blog about planning your life later down the line but for the time being I’m going to tell you how much better you will feel following a routine! Set your alarm, get up, get dressed and take charge of your day! Have in your mind each night when you go to bed exactly how you’re going to spend the following day and what your biggest achievement of tomorrow will be (even if its bleaching all the cups in your cupboard!) Get it done! You gotta carry on being a boss babe! I can’t imagine Mrs Hinch got a house looking so nice by sitting watching re-runs of homes under the hammer in her PJ’s, no she didn’t babe! So, Pull your finger out.

Dress it up.

Yes Hun! Unless you have 14 pairs of beautiful Victoria’s secret silk Pj’s and heeled fluffy slip on’s then I won’t take it as acceptable to be sat in your dressing gown all day! (Trust me when I say I’m all about the gown life, but babes you gotta get dressed!) If your anything like me I have more Boohoo and PLT orders coming through the door every week, and when we spend most of our time at work unless we have a social life like Jeffree Star we never actually get to wear these clothes. So, time to get your OOTD on!

Now if you want to sit there in Perspex heels and an Oh Polly dress then good on ya girl but I’m just talking about the simplicity of getting dressed (mind blowing I know!) It’s amazing how much better you always feel when you’re not ‘mooching’ around the house in your gown (which if its anything like mine is covered in foundation, food and used as a makeup brush cleaner). Even when I work from home I still get dressed, just to make me feel like I’m starting the day. So, get up, get your glow on, take a photo for the gram and get on with your day Hun.

Your just not turning me on.

Bing, Bing, Bing……with all this free time on our hands we have so much more time to be on snapchat, insta & now Tiktok (ooh nanana). Now are you doing anything productive or just messing around?…. yeh exactly! For about 6 months I’ve had all the notifications on my phone turned off! Including WhatsApp and especially Facebook (I love you Janet, but I don’t need to see 943473 parrot videos a day that you tag me in!). It’s amazing how our phones and tablets rule our lives and not the other way around.

Do you pick your phone up because you want to see what’s going on and to check your emails or because ‘Courtney gotnothingtodo Harrison’ mentioned you in a comment?? Think about it, you wouldn’t let a man be that needy (and if my fiancé asks me if I’m making a brew one more time today, I’m going to throat punch him) so don’t succumb to being controlled by your socials. I work on my phone a lot and it drives me insane but needs must, so when I don’t need to use my phone I leave it in another room (until I need to use the bloody calculator) or I turn it on to do not disturb….revolutionary right!

So, turn them notifications off and see how much less you use your phone! If you want to really challenge yourself then check the activity log on your phone and see exactly how much you’re on the thing!

It’s a quiet place

Wake up, Tv on…NO! TV off! What are you putting it on for? Firstly, if you’re not watching it your wasting electric – gosh I sound like my dad! So secondly why is it on? Are you going to spend the day binge watching Netflix or are you going to make use of your time? Keep it off, it’s all too tempting to sit down for 5 minutes – that turns into an hour then you’re on Tiktok again (I’m watching Mexican cat videos now).

I’ve always had a radio in the kitchen for the dog – he likes Kiss FM believe it or not. That bit of noise breaks the silence, keeps you updated with the news and adds the feel of people being in the house. Try not to put the TV on until at least 5pm – especially if you’re working. It’s amazing once you start doing this how little you miss watching TV, it makes you realise your just sat around watching KUWTK to avoid doing jobs.

Working 9-5

There is no other way to write that without thinking of old Dolly P. Now if you’re working, I would like to think that you’re working to your usual working hours to help keep routine and get your work done. Even if you aren’t working from home, I think it’s good to adopt the 9-5 concept.

It helps give structure to your day and gives you something to look forward to (like a rose! Afterall it is now 5pm somewhere!). “working 9-5” helps us stop procrastinating and we can schedule in all the jobs we need to do. You have structure when you’re at work Hun so unless you follow some sort of routine now, you’re going to go back to work and have a meltdown bigger than Britney in 2007!

You’re going up a size

Yes Yes…we have all seen the memes but if I carry on eating 12 biscuits before noon and drink 7 cappuccinos a day then there is NO way I’m going to fit back into my work clothes! Food shopping is definitely a luxury at the moment – and our favourite excuse to get out of the house but that doesn’t mean you need to add those special buy white chocolate and honeycomb Kinder Buenos to the trolley (no they don’t exist but I probs would buy them if so).

Eat normally, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – with a couple of healthy snacks in between. It’s amazing how much hungrier you feel when your sat in the house but don’t be tempted, get up and get a drink of water or juice. With all those extra calories we are drinking we don’t need to eat them too. And soon enough if we carry on eating like brucey bogtrotter eats cake we are going to end up feeling and looking awful. So, step away from the cupboard and be good babe!

Stay at home and stay safe

Luckily, I have company at home, my fiancé is working from home and I always have the dog – albeit if he’s snoring most of the day in his bed. It’s amazing how different a house feels when there are people in it, so I really do feel for anyone that lives on their own or doesn’t particularly like who they live with. (if it’s your husband Hun – get out of there!). So, it’s even more important that we give ourselves a little daily routine to stay sane and maintain positive mental health. Now- at the moment we are allowed outside still, so make the most of it! Plan a walk everyday locally – even if it’s only around the block. Break out of those 4 walls. Go and sit in the garden and have a brew, look at all the flowers coming out for spring (you might need to wrap up still…a coat thou

gh not that bloody dressing gown) just get some breathing space. I think getting outside is important if you have been sat in front of a laptop all day stuck inside. Now whilst you’re probably feeling like your already at your Wits end and like you’re going mad but think yourself lucky. I don’t mean to sound hippie but not everyone has a house to live in and during these crazy times even living is a luxury.

So, try not to take what you have for granted. I’m sure we all could think of plenty of stay at home jobs to be getting on with! Hopefully even if it’s one of the things I’ve mentioned that you take away and implement in your new daily life, I hope it makes it a little brighter. Remember you are a boss babe and you got this! Come out of all this an Isolation sensation babes! Mind, body and soul!

Take Care

Stay Safe

Love Lauren Lily Lea xxx

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