Finding Work Life Balance…And getting it right!

Love to work, work to live or both? Busy lives, goals to smash and busy work lives can lead to a whole host of mind mush and feeling like your trying to swim the Chanel with bricks tied to your feet. When you love your job, have career goals that your trying to smash and trying to keep up with a social and home life sometimes It can all be really bloody overwhelming.

So how the hell do we become the ultimate girl boss, home life queen and social butterfly? Work life balance Hun that’s how! Now its all well and good saying that but how the heck do we go about finding the right balance between loving the job you do and not doing a good job of living.

Work life balance…what’s that?

Having been self employed for 6 years and a career/goal driven girl boss finding my right balance has been hard and there has been times when one or the other has completely fallen off and nearly broken.

I would like to think that for the past couple of years I have managed to have a successful work life balance and I’m going to give you my tips on how you can too! Don’t be afraid of chasing those goals but don’t look back wondering where your life went either!

So, lets found out how we do it….

Get that notebook out!


If you follow me on social media you will know I am obsessed with planning, always have been and always will be. Now I’m a firm believer in what will be will be and that we don’t always know what direction our lives are going in but sometimes knowing where to start is important.

My day begins at 6am everyday (apart from days off when its about 7am unless my bloody body clock wakes me up!), now I don’t start work until 10am, so what on earth am I doing for 4 bloody hours??

Well truth be told I’m planning my life Hun! So, I can either get up at 8.30am quickly eat breakfast, get dressed, go to work, turn up and start working or I can get up at 6am. Plan what I’m going to post on social media for the week, plan and schedule emails to send out, write a list of jobs that need doing this week, budget my money, do my finances, schedule appointments, reply to emails and set my day and week up in the right way.

Now you’re thinking Christ any wonder this woman gets up early! Yep too right Hun! Rome wasn’t built laying in bed until halfway through the morning!

Now I know a lot of people start work earlier than 10am and are probably thinking oh my god so should I be getting up at 4am…well not unless your self-employed. When your employed the list of things to do isn’t quiet as tedious (unless you have kids).

Even if you aren’t self-employed, you may have a side hustle that you have been thinking about or there’s a promotion at work you want to go for, or maybe even there’s the dream of being self-employed. So you can either sit at your desk day dreaming all day and not giving the job your getting paid for 100% or you can get up early and plan that shiz!….I know which one I would be doing.

I’m amazed at how late some people sleep in bed until…I would be horrified if I woke up later than 9am without an alarm! I get a panic on if I’m not up at 7am making the most of the day! Now don’t get me wrong I love to chill but dreams don’t get made by sleeping in bed being a lazy you know what. I don’t go to bed until about 11pm/12pm most nights and 6/7 hours sleep is more than enough.

So, before you say…I love sleep, I’m not a morning person, I’d rather watch tv in bed and come round. Well I’m afraid then I don’t think your ever going have the time to make your dreams a reality – because if they are important you will want to seize every minute to make them a reality!

Time out!

When you’re at home, be at home!

Now I don’t have children so I cant even imagine having to care for little people as well as trying to take over the world (this can just be your own world) but even if you live on your own or are still living at home with you parents its important when your at home to be AT home.

3 days out of the 5 I work I’m at work until 7/8pm which sometimes means I don’t get home until 9pm. So, allow yourself some you time, put down your phone, put away your laptop and let your mind and body unwind. You can’t pour from an empty cup!

Now I run 7 social media accounts (another reason I’m up so early), all of which get the most interaction after 8pm…great so now what do I do? I’m meant to be at home, but I need to do social media…work life what??

Unfortunately we do 99% of our social media through our phones so unless you tell people what you are doing to anyone else it could just look like your sat looking on the 20% off sale on Pretty Little Thing. But I hear ya Hun…I don’t have to justify what I’m doing to anyone right? Well…no not if you want a harmonious home life.

Il often say to my other half that I’m sat doing work and I’ll tell him a time I’ll be off my phone and whether I’m done or not then I’ll stick to my word. It shows your other half a bit of respect but also means you don’t go from posting pictures on insta to watching Kylie Jenner’s stories. Remember work is work!!


Days off…are days off!!

So many of us now make ourselves available 24/7 to everyone and anyone, and what for?? Them or us? Sometimes we just have to turn down the volume and listen to our own rhythm.

Some would say that being self employed means you never have a day off, well that’s a load of baloney! Being self employed means its your choice to turn off!

I’m pretty certain Janet won’t die if she doesn’t find out for a couple of days if you can fit her daughters prom make up in for July 2024!

If you don’t already make sure you have auto reply across all your social media accounts, let clients know that you will come back to them as soon as possible and make them aware of your opening hours. I wouldn’t expect Dr Jefferson to let me know on Facebook that my clean and polish is still ok at 11pm at night when I suddenly think about it.

The only people that worry about getting back to clients is us, like I say they aren’t going to die if you don’t reply until Tuesday morning!

Do I work on my days off?…rarely, firstly because I owe it to myself to relax and unwind but to Jason too…id be pretty pissed if he was sat doing emails and social media for 5 hours on a Sunday when I wanted to go out for lunch. So, unless it’s something that MUST be done then leave it until your “working”!

Cocktail time…

Remember life is for living

I can’t tell you how many times iv missed out on events/parties/birthdays etc because of work and was it worth it – probably not. The difficulty of being self employed is that you don’t work you don’t get paid and if making money makes your world go round or you need that money then its all to easy to turn down life.

So you really want a baby but in your mind your thinking about this side hustle you want to get off the ground and your worried a baby will stop you living your work dream, is that dreaming about what you want or living the life you want?

You have a house your renovating, you work 40 hours a week, your trying to keep a healthy relationship and be sociable…how on earth do you add another plate to the already busy spinning mix. Can you fit it in? Can you prioritise your life?

I love working and I love making money but sometimes you really do have to be realistic! If you went into work an hour earlier on a Saturday would that enable you to amend your hours so that you can get the train the same time as the girls for a day session in Manchester? Or do you do Margaret’s blow dry for £20 and miss out? Is £20 worth missing out on life for…?

So whether you are self-employed, starting out, dreaming about a better life or climbing the corporate ladder life doesn’t have to feel like its drowning you or passing you by, sometimes we just need to learn to manage our loads and find a peaceful balance!

I hope you found my tips helpful! I would love to see how your planning your dreams! Share your socials with me! Tag me on Instagram @Laurenlilylea

Because life doesn’t have to be difficult babe!

Thanks for reading Hun,

Stay Safe

Take Care

Lauren Lily Lea xxx


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