Want to Be a Makeup Artist – Don’t Bother…

Well not qu’élit! I thought that title might spike your interest.

So, you fancy being a makeup artist? You have tons of creativity and you’re always being complimented on how great you are at doing your own and other peoples makeup??

Great…so let’s grab those brushes, get painting…we will soon have 1million Instagram followers and our own collection with Morphe…sounds great right?

Now I am a huge believer in the law of attraction and believing in your dreams, but I think sometimes we gotta be realistic!

I have been a makeup artist for the past 6 years; I’ve always had a passion for makeup and spent most of my teen years dolled up like a drag queen – I love being a makeup artist but not living in a large city I have to offer other services too to keep me going.

I’m going to give you an honest and real guide to becoming a makeup artist so you can reach your maximum potential and earn that dollar!

Me doing wedding makeup in August 2017

Everyone wants to be a makeup artist

Yep! And why not…I love makeup and im sure you do too if you’re thinking about being one! But jees I lose count of how many times a day I hear this in my salon. I mainly do other beauty treatments as oppose to makeup. I love that so many people believe their creativity and passion will carve them a life out as a makeup artist and I hope they manage to follow their dreams and smash them but iv got to level up with you here Hun!

6 years ago, when I was entering the makeup world, I could count on my hands the number of professional MUA’s in my local area…now everyone is a makeup artist. Even your aunties friend Doreen who works in Bargain booze has her own DoreenMUA account on insta.

As you probably know you don’t need any qualifications to be a makeup artist. Great news – but how do you plan on standing out? When you type in #Makeupartist into Instagram it brings up 81.5 MILLION results! So, what are you going to do to make a difference?

You see the likes of MMMitchell, P.Louise and Jamie Genevieve and you want to be them…but do you want the talent they possess or the lifestyle they lead? I’m certain most people probably would rather the latter (I wouldn’t say no to being besties with Jeffree star and drinking Pina Coladas on a beach in Bora Bora either Hun!)

MMMitchell is living the dream life! Besties with Jeffree, multiple MMMitchell makeup collections, travelling the world doing masterclasses at £300+ a ticket, Millions of followers on the gram #goals! I remember 6 years ago when Mitchell was first starting out and worked at POUT in Manchester, a young teenager with a passion for VERY heavy and highlighted makeup. That was 6 years ago and look at him now – no overnight success their babes.

Now I’m not saying I don’t believe for one minute that you can’t have the same success as these people, but you need to be realistic that great things don’t happen overnight!

Makeup By Me

Its all about the money

£35 for makeup, an hour of your time. End of the week that bank balance will be singing! No Hun… sorry to burst your bubble!

I have only put my prices up twice in 6 years by £10, and that’s because I use premium makeup brands and expensive mink lashes (and because of the skill level) If I were to add up the amount of money’s worth of products I have in my makeup kit it would rack up probably thousands of pounds. Building up your kit can be an expensive job to do and it takes time to have predominantly high end brands as most of what you use (expensive doesn’t always mean the best but you try telling a bride your using collection 2000!).

The best advice I would give to anyone looking to become a full time makeup artist is that unless you work in a department store or a busy city I don’t think you would make a wage that will give you the lifestyle you want to lead. By this I mean that living in a small suburban city you aren’t going to get a full diary packed out on a Tuesday with girls wanting their makeup done. Again, be realistic. Is this just a weekend job?

Most girls who only do makeup (and there is some in my local area) do mostly 121 makeup lessons to bring in the money during the week, fab Hun I’ll do that…. whoa slow down babes! Your skill level must be good enough that people want to learn makeup from you first. Remember lotsss of practice makes perfect! And there are more and more places to do a makeup 121 these days now too.

Strings to your bow

You’re suddenly wondering how else you can bring in that cash right?

Well why not try adding another string to your bow to help you out for cash whilst your building up your makeup clients, your confidence and your kit?

Whilst I don’t think being a jack of all trades is the best way to master a craft I don’t see the harm in adding a treatment or two to your belt that will help you when doing makeup – such as brows or dermaplaning. Treatments that compliment makeup and will help you get clients in for double treatments.

Had I stayed doing makeup only for the past 6 years I have no doubt that I would be much more talented than I am but I chose to pursue many other avenues of beauty – therefore I became outshone by a number of other MUA’s in my area.

Let’s get married

Who always needs makeup??? Brides! Yes…great, I’ll be a wedding makeup artist! Easy!

Calm down Hun…I am about to be brutally honest! – wedding makeup can be HELL! What??? Yep, hell! But flowers, prosecco, love, friends and family what could be hell about a wedding day? pfft! you haven’t seen a bride have a mid-morning meltdown (not a pretty sight).

I specialised in wedding makeup for 3 years – I was a finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards as Makeup Artist of The Year – North West. I lived and breathed wedding makeup and every bride to be knew my name. I raked in the money and it was fabulous – but the hardest money iv ever had to earn.

4am starts, stood on your feet for 5/6 hours without being asked your name and offered a drink. Delightful! Many times I was just called ‘makeup person’. Now this wasn’t all brides and for probably the first year I never experienced many Bridezilla’s at all but as the years went by and weddings got bigger and more expensive brides attitudes and sass increased tenfold too!

If you prepared for early starts, demanding brides and bridesmaids, crying, laughter, tantrums, tears and everything in between then get into bridal makeup…its certainly good money!

You need to choose if your going down the going out or bridal route to establish yourself in the industry and so your name gets out their when people are asking. I wouldn’t be interested in someone that created amazing cut creases for my wedding I would look for someone that specialises in bridal makeup.

After three years I had enough and hung up my bridal makeup shoes before I poked a bride in the eye with my Roller Lash brush! (I only do bridal makeup in the comfort of my salon now).

Me doing my friend Chrissie’s wedding (not a Bridezilla!)

Let’s do It

So, if your prepared for hard work, lots of practice, and no overnight success then welcome to the world of makeup! You will soon discover that Makeup is a way of life and nothing is more exciting than a delivery of new lipsticks and brush cleaner! (oh, the small things).

So, grab those brushes and let’s go honey! Time to give people

 their glow up!

Thanks for reading Hun,

Stay safe,

Take Care,

Lauren Lily Lea xxx


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  1. Karina de Vaal
    April 29, 2020 / 4:57 pm

    That’s a fabulous write up my lovely.
    I’ve tried in the past to add more strings to my bow, such as lashes and hair extensions…..
    But still I’m renound for nails, so it was a bit of a waste of money, but I am grateful I can do hair extensions on my own hair after the balls up I made last week 🤣🤣🤣
    Wouldn’t mind paying you for makeup lessons just for my own face. Been watching a lot of you tube, but still cant grasp eye makeup xxxxx
    Keep up with the blogs munchkin, they’re great and down to earth.❤❤❤xxxx

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