Self Care Sunday

I hope you’re having an eggcellent bank holiday weekend Hun! If like me you’re off from work, then to be honest I didn’t even realise Easter was this weekend – I don’t know what date it is anymore. I’ve spent the weekend gardening (yes I know babe I must be mad! I should have been sipping gin in the garden not digging up a front lawn) *eyeroll* but a queen must look after her palace – or help the man that does I suppose.

So apart from stuffing you’re face with Easter eggs and roast parsnips… Yes, I saw your Instagram babes… have you got another amazing week ahead planned? you getting down with your self-care Sunday? No…need some help? Let me share my self-care Sunday tips to help a Hun out.

Easter Sunday Vibes

Treat Yo’Self

Now I’m not talking about those 3 eggs you ate before 11am or the bottle of red you finished off at lunchtime I’m talking beauty care. After a weekend of busy Easter activities and indulgence why not treat your skin and hair. Take some you time and have a pamper.

 Hair care – I only wash my hair once maybe twice a week (if I’m pushing the boat out) the night before I wash it I love to apply a hair mask to help nourish and condition my hair ready for the weekly wash and style. This help protects my hair as I tend to curl or straighten my hair nearly every day, being a bleached blonde too it’s also really important, and I need to wash out the weeks’ worth of Batiste (I should have shares in that company honestly babe!)

 I also really love a facemask once a week, sometimes I’ll raid my skin care draw and see what treats I’ve got lurking around in their and create a little skin care pick and mix to give my skin what it needs. I feel like Sundays are a perfect relaxed wind down kind of day to take time to treat yourself ready for the week ahead.

Lauren lily lea wearing victorias secret pajamas
Sundays are for chilling!

Plan it

Whilst we may be in isolation, I still like to get my diary or notebook out on a Sunday and list all the jobs I plan to do next week, even if its something as mundane as cleaning your makeup brushes. Get those jobs written down. If you a serial planner like me I take it, one step further and plan my days out and try to allocate each job a time slot even eating breakfast (yep psycho sally is here again Hun!).

I’m an absolute bugger for procrastinating and arsing around so if I know in my mind that on a Monday I plan to do XY&Z then I’ll make sure I do it rather than sitting watching This morning and KUWTK all day then wondering what the hell you did all day.

 I’m  seeing a lot of people struggling with isolation at the moment and I’m a firm believer in the saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ now in this circumstance I think that’s a wee bit dramatic babe but you want to be able to say that you smashed each week at the end of it. So, get that paper out Hun and get those plans written down! Routine is exactly what we need in these crazy times. I use my CGD London Goals planner to help plan my way to success! (Yass Queen!)

CGD london goals diary
CGD London – Goals Diary

Sleeping Beauty

I’m definitely no sleeping beauty! Not only do I snore but I do so with my mouth wideee open (sexy Hun) but Do you get enough sleep or too much? Sleep is so important for looking after our mind and body, and yet people just don’t take sleep seriously. In order to get a good sleep you need to slow down your mind and body to help you have a restful sleep so you wake up In the morning feeling refreshed not like you have been hit by a bus babe!

 I always put my phone on do not disturb, as I mentioned in my working from home blog I like to be in control of when I use my phone not the other way around. So put your phone to rest to allow your mind to do the same! Every single night I listen to music or mediation to help me sleep.

Headspace is the best App I have downloaded, and their sleep casts are brilliant to help you unwind at the end of the day. You can listen to mediation, it will talk you through step by step on slowing down and their sleep casts are lovely little stories told in an wonderfully relaxing voices (it takes me about 3 minutes to fall asleep with these, its amazing babes! You need to try it).

 I listen to music on Spotify, usually search Chakra music/ meditation or yoga – these just help as background music when I’m already ready to fall asleep. As a business owner and dreamer (on taking over the world Hun) my mind can often be busy but turning off those devices and winding down will help the craziest of minds calm! Trust me!

 Sleep spray…oh how I love a good sleep spray! I tend to spray this on the side of my pillow I don’t sleep on as I do find they make your hair greasy and it also brings out Lash extensions (I know Hun!). Rituals do THE best sleep sprays and body spray that smell insane – like vacays actually. I’m not actually sure how much they help but they smell amazing and meditation is all about the senses!

rituals sleep collection
Rituals – The Ritual Of Jing

Wind down

So, I hope my little tips may help you. My fiancé has got into these habits with me and whilst he might not be sitting writing in his paperchase diary with his hair mask on (he’s one of those guys that sits with his hands down his trousers and watches the football – so no point even suggesting it babe!) but he does like to wind down and relax with me. So, give it a go and see how your new week starts. It will be much more productive if you ask me! Time to get your Sunday slay on and namaste babe!

Thanks for reading Hun,

Stay Safe

Lauren Lily Lea xxx


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