Promises Vs Reality

Hola huns!
It’s me! Yes I am still alive! And yes hun I’m back on the blog!

Some of you might be wondering where I have been (some may not but then maybe this blog isn’t for you babe..see ya hun!).

The reality is that life is back in the way (and the fact I spilt coffee on my laptop and broke the W/E/R buttons…£400 and a new laptop later and I’m back).

When I wrote this blog I was lay on a beach in St.Lucia on my honeymoon with the reality of Lockdown life back in full swing when I got back.

I was partly looking forward to time off again but I also think about all the money I would be losing…again!

How many of us promised to implement change when lockdown was over, promises of seeing friends more, working normal hour’s and making more time for us. Having more of a work life balance?

In reality has that happened?

I would probably say not! I know that’s true for me especially because like alot of people and I’m sure all of those that are self employed have been working super long hour’s!

Trying to make up for all the time off that we have missed, trying to make up the money and being grateful that we have money coming in again (finally!).

Me personally I have been working extra long hour’s and 6 days a week to try and make up for the shortfall, and now here we are again. Lockdown life! 2.0! (Thanks BoJo).

So.. why is it we never reward ourselves the things we like/want…the things we promised we would enrich our lives more with post lockdown?

Well I think the reality is that our daily life gets in the way of us living our best life.

We get in to this rut that we need to work to earn money so we work more to earn more money and we like that money so we work more…again stuck in the wheel of life.

Back in the rat race

We fall back into the trap of work, Tv, Phone life, Bed and before you know it two weeks have gone by and we havent achieved anything..our life is no different from before. Gone are all those promised changes hun.

So although lockdown 2.0 is over its never too late to recharge, refresh, get yourself and your plans back on track. How many things do you wish you would of done in Lockdown 1.0 that you never did, why not do them now?

If your still feeling trapped and you really didn’t make the changes you promised you would then WHY hun promise to make those changes!?

Were they really what you wanted?..are they what you want now? Come on hun! You got this babe!

Chapter 12 of the book of 2020 and its the final one of this years story, so make it count! See it as a post lockdown come new year challenge.

Hun, Let’s switch things up and change our reality…start your journey to living your best life!

Thanks for reading babes!

Much Loves

Lauren Lily Lea (now officially Mrs Hamer)


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