Pandora – Trashy or Classy?

Pandora, a brand that everyone has heard of. You have seen the ques outside the shops at Christmas time. Their iconic rings and bracelets, but is pandora just trashy cheap costume jewellery or so much more?

Pandora started selling their iconic bracelets back in 2000 (I know that long ago right), with charms costing upwards of £30. Pandora became the world’s third-largest jewellery company in terms of sales, after Cartier and Tiffany & Co. In 2011, more than one piece of Pandora jewellery was sold every second on average (accord to the Ny Times and the Financial post).

So, would you rather have a tiffany bracelet or a pandora? (depends if you have a spare £3000).

When you think of Pandora do you think Classy or Trashy? When I asked on my Instagram surprisingly 71% of people voted classy.

Do I own Pandora… well yes, I do. Personally, I have two pandora bracelets with 22 charms on, a pink themed one and a blue on. Do I wear them all the time? No babes, because they hammer against my computer desk when I am typing, and it drives me insane.

Surprisingly enough you never see ‘influencers’ wearing pandora, normally they are adorned with Cartier bracelets and 343 Boho Moon Rings, maybe pandora is for us less ‘influential’ Huns who don’t fancy paying £3500 for a bracelet that comes with a screwdriver and actually your husband john would be pretty pissed if you told him you and the kids weren’t going Spain this year for that reason.

So as one of the three top jewellers in the world, what divides us so much about Pandora?

Pandora Bracelets

Totally Trashy Hun

Remember when you were 13 and you thought that you were totally an adult, you had already puffed on your first cigarette (nearly passed out in the process) and your hair was scraped back so tight you gave your pubescent face a lift that Katie Price would be happy paying for. You scrolled through the Argos catalogue and begged your mum for a Claddagh ring or Moving clown necklace (omg I actually vommed thinking about it!), Hey – these were cool AF and all the older girls in school had them!

I am fairly sure to some people Pandora reminds them of this kind of jewellery, the type that 50 cigs a day Doreen wares in your local corner shop.

For what reason would anyone want to spend £100+ starting a cheap (well not actually) charm collection, surely these went out with Juicy couture velour tracksuits (yep I had one of those too). To try and stay classy not trashy and Keeping up with trends Pandora now even do a rose and gold jewellery collection, trying to stay ahead of the game.

According to The Financial times Shares in pandora fell nearly 80% in 2011 after a shift in focus to higher-end designs alienated core customers. Apparently, there is a market out there for cheap (again not so cheap Hun) ‘Tat’.

Juicy Couture Tracksuits – Totally 90’s

The Easiest Present you will EVER Buy!

Its your sisters 18th, she has a better makeup collection than you and she already own’s half of Topshop. So, what the bloody hell fire do you buy an aggy teenager than thinks she is the next Kylie Jenner.

Easy…, A Pandora bracelet! Boom… that’s her sorted every birthday and Christmas. £35 on a charm twice a year…winning!

You have seen it for yourself… the que all around the shopping centre the week before Christmas everyone in a mad panic bulk buying those charms. First time I remember seeing one of these ques outside Pandora I thought they were waiting to see a celebrity.

Pandora isn’t only about bracelets, they also sell earrings, rings and other costume jewellery, and with prices for rings starting from £25 it makes perfect sense to buy gifts from Pandora, rather than forking out on a naf cubic zirconia from the high end jewellers 4 shops down.

Inside Pandora

Not Trashy Hun, they are classy!

A £343 million pound turnover says to me that a lot more people think pandora is classy rather than trashy.

So, let me explain to you why I wear Pandora bracelets. Since I was younger iv always been a collector of anything memorable (my earliest memory was those stupid spice girl photos that you would beg your mum for a quid for only to realise you already have Victoria Beckham doing that bloody stupid pose on 3 other same photos).  

I’m one of those people that has a fridge covered in magnets from all over the world and my mum is lucky enough I always buy her one too (I buy the tackiest one for her on purpose). I collect seashells, sand, flowers, pretty much and old crap!

So Pandora for me is a way of collecting another memory from wherever I go in the world. All the charms on my bracelet have been bought in other countries. I have charms from NY, Las Vegas, Poland, Sorrento… and even bloody Tenerife (lol I know – cultural). Pandora has more than 7500 shops all over the world, and why not collect little pieces of the world so each time I look at them I have a little memory of my amazing time away.

One of my charms has a grain of sand stuck in it that I can see, said grain of sand has been there for 5 years and its all the way from Mauritius. So yes, that makes me happy.

I’m fully aware that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and sometimes as much as I love them they don’t always go with my outfit so I will take them off, and like everything you forget to put them back on and its weeks before you think…I’m missing something.

Tess Daly for Pandora


Personally, I love my Pandora bracelets and I’m pretty certain that every other person that wears anything Pandora totally agrees.

To be honest, what difference does it make? If we all liked the same things life would be a total snooze. I won’t judge Doreen and her clown necklace, man she wears that and her other 9 necklaces with pure pride.

So, whether you think nah not for me Hun or you’re already eyeing up another charm, wear whatever floats your boat! Because Hun as I believe and always preach everyone needs to “Be your own kind of Beautyful”.

Thanks for reading Hun

Stay Safe,

Take Care

Lauren Lily Lea xxx


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