You Must Visit These Places In The World…

Travel…the thing in life that I live most for – and mainly the thing I spend all my money on! Since I can remember iv been obsessed with holidays, I love the excitement of going to the airport, visiting new places and experiencing new things. I’m fortunate that so far in my life I’ve visited some phenomenal places and I thought I would share my MUST visit places, because we all need somewhere and something to look forward to post Corona Lockdown.

So, grab a brew, get your sunglasses on, slap on some sun cream and let’s dream about those vacay vibes…

  1. New York

So fabulous I’ve been twice, and I know for sure that I’ll be going again! I never really fancied NY until I booked it (this sounds strange I know) – I had some left over dollars from my visit to San Fran so rather than exchange it I used it to go somewhere else in America. That place was NYC!

My imagine of NY prior to going was concrete, smoke, hustle and bustle and shopping. Although I love shopping, I wouldn’t go on holiday to shop but when I started researching where to go I found so many amazing places for food, bars, things to do and see and I knew that even if I didn’t like NY I would try to make the most of it.

So, New York…. nothing like I imagined! It is amazing!

It’s so chic (apart from times square – tat central), it makes London look cheap! Its absolutely everything you see on sex and the city so even if you didn’t do the tourist sights you could spend days just visiting coffee shops, boutiques and bars and stroll around central park pretending your Carrie Bradshaw (I wish Hun).

 I have been in both winter and summer and summer was by far my favourite! Man, it gets COLD in winter and I’m much more of a rooftop cocktails in a dress kind of girl. You will be surprised by NY and its beauty, a place you must visit in your life! I mean who wouldn’t want to sit on the steps of Carrie’s house whilst eating Magnolia Bakery cupcakes?

  1. Thailand

Again…another place I’ve been twice (seems like a theme here). Iv been to Koh Samui, Bangkok, and Krabi in Thailand, all of which are amazing. I have to say that Koh Samui was my favourite. I always imagined Thailand being a tropical south Asian paradise…until I saw Phuket on Sun, Sea and A&E and it looked like Magaluf during the 18-30’s season. Put me right off!

Fast forward a few years and when I was browsing the internet for holidays in September Thailand came up and was half the price of Spain, no brainer right? Spend 2 hours to Alicante or 17 to Thailand for half the price?! Yep that’s right. Was it worth it? Every second!

Thailand is stunning! I think most people perceive Thailand as being dirty, seedy and full of sugar daddies & lady boys (well it is but you soon get over it!) and it can be in places and just like anywhere else it has rough parts but mostly its absolute paradise.

The sea’s are crystal clear, the people are so friendly (try not bowing and saying namaste to everyone when you come back! Doreen in bargain booze thought I was mental). Then there is the food…. heaven! And even if you think you don’t like Thai food its not all curry and noodles. Some of the restaurants are Micheline star quality!

Another plus for Thailand is how cheap it is! Now you can’t buy a bottle of wine for £2 (mainly because they don’t drink it) but you can get a top-quality dinner and drinks for about £20! Forget about the flight…its all part of the experience (and prosecco helps) …my advice, get looking into Thailand now!

  1. Las Vegas

I’m going to surprise you now and tell you that I haven’t been here twice…in fact iv been 4 times! I know I know! And each time I say, ‘I’m done I’m not going back again’ and then I find myself there. Every person that I know that hasn’t been to Vegas thinks the same things…its tacky, I don’t gamble and there isn’t anything to do. WRONG! Vegas is unlike anywhere else iv been in the world…anything goes in Vegas and I mean anything!

Iv not seen Elvis at 10am on a Sunday morning riding down the street on a mobility scooter drinking a bottle of patron whilst singing on a karaoke machine anywhere else in the world!

Is it tacky…no. The Strip is lined with Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton (you get the picture) throw in a a souvenir shop or two and that’s it. Its all part of the fun. The strip is so long I’m certain it would take all day to walk top to bottom. Each hotel is probably about 20X bigger than The Trafford Centre and is like a holiday resort in its own right. Hotels have amusement parks, theatres, shopping centres, bars, restaurants, swimming pools, nightclubs…you name it! But you’re not into gambling…I hear ya!

I only know how to play Snap…I once went to Vegas once for 10 days and didn’t gamble once. There is so much more going on that you could go not even put a dime in a slot machine, and you would not get bored.

One of the reasons that Vegas is so popular is because of its partying and oh it doesn’t disappoint! You will never find a clock in Vegas and its always 5pm somewhere right??? Pool Parties, Nightclubs, Magic Mike (yes Hun!), Concerts! Vegas truly has it all! When I went last year Jlo, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Britney were all on in the same week…truly spoilt for choice.

You will need your spends for Vegas though as it is by no means cheap and when your drinking from 12pm (apart from when you go a pool party and pre drinks start at 9am….) money soon runs out. So, save up, splash out and visit the city that truly never sleeps, because what happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas!

  1. Northern Ireland

A radical change from the places I mentioned above and guess what…I’ve been twice!

Not all of my must visit places need to be that far away. I never really gave much thought about visiting Northern Ireland until I met my partner Jason – that’s where he comes from and seemed an obvious choice for a weekend getaway.

Flights here can cost less than £20 and you don’t even need a different currency. I love Ireland so much I could happily live there! Its stunning! Everything is so gorgeous and green, and the sea is bright blue around the coast – its hard to think its only an hour away on a plane. You’re best hiring a car to get around to visit the tourist spots and its advisable to book online prior to going. Its amazing how many tourists come to this little emerald isle.

Both times we have visited we stayed in Ballymena, which is a little town around 20 minutes’ drive from Belfast airport, this is where Jason was born, and his friends still live close by. It’s a pretty little town with some really nice pubs and coffee shops and not to mention Galgorm Spa (the best spa in Ireland)

Take life at a slower pace and just enjoy the beauty that is Northern Ireland. If you know anyone Irish you will know that nothing is done at any great speed, so slow down, relax and take in Ireland’s natural beauty.

Another thing that everyone needs to visit Northern Ireland for it Potato Bread! Served alongside a breakfast, Potato bread is fried in butter and it worth every calorie! You can’t get potato bread anywhere else in the world (not like they make it in NI anyway) I challenge anyone to say that didn’t enjoy this if they visit!

So, there we have it! My MUST visit destinations! I could easily mention every place iv been too (apart from Egypt – not for me Hun) but if I had to recommend anywhere for a getaway it would be these places! I have certainty that I’ll visit all of these places again in the future, and I know the world has many others but these are the places I know and love that bring me true happiness and I wanted to share them with you! So, when your planning all your post lockdown travels, consider these. You won’t Be disappointed!

Thanks for reading hun

Stay safe,

Take care

Lauren Lily Lea xxx


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