The reason why you need to be listening to podcasts… now!

Did you know that podcasts have been around since 2004? Amazing I know…but how many of you actually listen to them?

Who needs yet another person’s waffle to listen too? I’m a busy gal, I don’t need more stuff to do than what I’m already trying to do ya know!

That’s what your thinking right? Well let me tell you that I have been listening to podcasts for around 18 months and I absolutely love them! I can’t believe more people don’t listen to them!

Think of all the times you are sat around not doing a great deal or you have the radio or music on as background noise,  now imagine that you could be learning, exploring new things, being entertained and so much more by listening to a podcast!

So, if you don’t already know a podcast is basically like a radio show hosted by a particular person or group of people that generally have their own subject or topics that they cover, nothing too mind blowing! There really is a podcast that covers every subject, and I mean every subject! From orgasms to parenting, to tidying your workspace to choosing an online booking system for your beauty business.

Finding podcasts is simple, if like me you have an iPhone the Podcast app is already downloaded, so you search for a host or a topic like you would on google and away you go.

And the best part…. they are totally FREE!!!

Now I’m mind blown!


Why should I be listening to podcasts?

I would struggle to believe that there isn’t one aspect of a persons life that they feel like they need help, advise, improving or want reassuring on and this is why I suggest podcasts!

Podcasts can be like personal coaching sessions! You don’t have to watch anything on YouTube, you don’t have to attend a seminar or workshop you just pop in your headphones and away you go. The only thing you need to do is listen!

This is what makes podcasts so great, in an age where our phones are always on us – we have no excuse not to be using them for the greater good of ourselves!

I think when you listen to a podcast its like that person is talking directly to you, like your having a real time conversation with them, and they can be telling you or guiding you with anything you have been mulling over, been curious about or been problemed with.

Who needs to pay for therapy right?

Podcasts aren’t always about bettering yourself!

I predominantly only listen to podcasts for information and education purposes but there are thousands of podcasts out there that serve just as entertainment value.

A chance to just switch of and be entertained by someone else, listen to what they have to say and let all stresses and worries of life just float away.

Its like being a fly on the wall and having a sneaky insight behind the scenes of someone’s lives – a chance to escape and relax…sounds perfect to me Hun!

So how is a podcast going to educate me?

It was my dad that told me he listened to podcasts every day on his car journeys (now this guy works 15/16 hour days and runs a multimillion pound business) who could teach this guy anything? and how does he find the bloody time? This got me intrigued.

So, I typed in the search box the one thing my life always revolves around…’beauty’ and wow the amount of results were incredible. Lucky for me I stumbled across a podcast by a guy called Adam Chatterley, he runs a podcast show called ‘The Beauty Business Podcast’…great. Get me subscribed.

I have now listened to every single of his podcasts and I can tell you that I have and I did pay thousands of pounds for people to give me the information that he is putting out there for free!! An absolute game changer!!

So everyday on my way into work I put on a podcast and rather than spending 20 minutes on autopilot driving to work I’m educating myself, learning new things and gaining inspiration to tackle my beauty business! Adam covers everything from creating customer loyalty, to creating a retail display and everything else in between! I was so lucky I stumbled on Adam’s podcast and now I look forward to driving to work and brushing up on skills that I would pay a few hundred quid for on a 3-day seminar! All within 20-30 minutes.

Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up and your instantly upset, in a bad mood, and just generally pissed off with life? Yeh welcome to the world of females! (for any men out there reading this..sometimes we just don’t need a reason!)…so you can either do the dishes listening to Roman kemp on Capital FM, you can drive to work and mull over your annoyance that your hair wouldn’t go in the perfect bun or you can search for a podcast and let your troubles just ease away! I know which one I’m going to do!

So, get on it!!…NOW!

Get a brew, have 5, or just work from home with your ear buds in and let someone else do the talking!

I promise you; you won’t regret it! Podcasts are brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone!

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Thanks for reading Hun

Take care,

Stay Safe

Lauren Lily Lea xxx


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