Hi there….

And welcome! My Name Is Lauren (Lily Lotus Blossom) Lea, 
I am a self made Beauty and Hair Salon Owner. I have worked in the beauty industry for 15 years and I am a passionate advocator for promoting the brains behind beauty – we didn’t all just do hair or beauty at college because we weren’t the brightest candle on the cake we actually chose that career path! I believe in girl power and that ANYONE if they put their minds too it can do whatever they wish!…It will be hard as hell but hopefully well worth it in the end!

I am here to help advise and offer my knowledge (and general waffle) to all female bosses, whether you have an established business or a dream to be the CEO of your own self made success, then I believe my blog might just be for you! (well i’l let you be the decider on that one!) Or if your looking for some honest female life stories, I got ya!

I am a normal 31 year old female that manages with work / life balance (well tries too) all whilst eating too much and battling the occasional hangover. I have created my blog as a way of offering my advise out to anyone that may need it or for anyone that wants a little light hearted reading. I’m often un-in dated with questions and queries through my social media and I want to use what I know to help you! I am no Oprah Winfrey but I want to use my platform to talk all things life and business with everything else in between.

I Love to travel, eat, drink and style my way through life. I am kind, sassy and often abit extra (so my friends say). I’ll offer honest advise and I’ll offer you me (sounds abit saucy) – no BS just an incite to Lauren – whose middle names are actually Lily Lotus Blossom. (chosen by my good self…Dorothy was just way to boring – I like to be extra Ya know!)…My mum didn’t even bat an eyelid and my dad just said ‘why didn’t you just throw something like lettuce or locus in there too’. So say no more!

Follow me on the journey of truly dreaming, believing and achieving!