Fancy a Run Hun?

Ever fancied being one of those people that can throw on a pair of trainers and hit the streets -get out and run your little legs off with no cares in the world. Well that certainly aint me! I get up, get out and wonder the whole time why the hell am I doing this and how long until I can breathe again, but believe it or not I still go out and do it again! (why would you do that woman?!)

I first started running about 18 months ago and I’m not much better now than I was then, but I still get out and give it a go. If you have ever thought about getting into running and you want an honest girls guide to how to go from walking to running on a wee little fitness journey, then carry on reading.

lauren lily lea after a 10k run
Just Run

How to get into running?

Typing that out it sounds ridiculous, but I remember wondering the same thing myself all those months ago. Now unless you’re planning to run a marathon (one step at a time babe!) then the only thing you need to get into running is a pair of trainers! Nothing fancy at first just a simple pair of say cheap Asics trainers and boom, you’re a runner!

If you have never run before you will probably be surprised at how far a mile really is. So, if it’s your first time don’t be surprised if you can’t even run a mile without stopping! This Running game is HARD! (at first – it does get better Hun I swear!)

lauren lily lea and her fiance running
Game Face On

Lets Start Running Then Hun!

My best advice and what I always do is plan my route first, this way I know exactly how far I plan on running – or attempting too. As my fitness then starts to improve, I can then build on this rather than aimlessly pounding the streets with no idea of how far I’m actually bloody going. I use an APP called Map My Run.

Now I am no Paula Ratcliffe, so this is only the way I got into running and what I still do now if I take a break – so I’m no expert!

 A couple of times a week I will run only a short distance (say 2km – 1.24miles) I will keep track of how many times I need to stop to catch my breath – it’s a few! Each week I then aim to add onto the distance, before you know it you will be running that 2km without even stopping for breath., Woohoo! However, If you’re still finding this hard then keep going at this distance until you can feel that you can run further.

lauren and her fiance with their running medals
We Finished!

Lets Take Things Further

So now you’re a few weeks in and you can run a couple or more miles without even stopping (well done babes!). This might be your comfort zone, just getting out of the house and running the streets, however if you fancy taking it further then why not sign up for a park run, a 5K, 10K or even a marathon?! (go on girl!)

Park runs are usually a 5K run (5k in miles = 3.11) every Saturday in a local park or running area, they are normally free, you just turn up on the day. For most 10K and further runs you will need to sign up and pay to attend. You can find races near you through Find a race.

 I have only ever done 10k runs (only 6 to be exact) and they are both horrible and amazing at the same time! You will probably find that on the day you will run slightly quicker than you usually run  – because you don’t want to look like an absolute tool by being last (this is why they are so horrible!).

These events normally have thousands of attendees with all different running abilities so whether you run 6-minute miles or 12 then you will be fine! (its surprising how old some of the people running are! And they normally run past me).

 The atmosphere is amazing, hundreds of people lining the streets waving and cheering you on! It helps so much when your wondering if you will ever be able to feel your legs again and your trying not to vom up a lung! You nearly always get a medal at the end too! (or a T-shirt) proof that you pushed your limits and totally bossed this running lark! Yasss Queen!

Wilmslow festive 10k reindeer medal
Wilmslow Festive 10k Medal

This is going to cost me a fortune!

The answer to this is only if you want too! Yes you can buy yourself a nice new pair of Nike or adidas trainers but see how your current trainers fair first, you might actually decide that running isn’t at all for you so hold off for a bit (don’t want to waste those dollars Hun).

 If you want to track how quick you run or the route -if you going without plotting it first, then you will need to take either your phone out on the run or get a fitness watch, say a Fitbit that keeps track of your steps. Apps such as Strava and Map my Run will record your run and tell you all your statistics (it’s pretty embarrassing at first tbh babe!). You can also upload the couch to 5k App – that helps guide you along to running a full 5K within 9 weeks and Its free too!

So as the warmer weather is approaching, and we don’t have much else to do during isolation then once a day get out and hit the road! You might just be surprised on how far you can go! Create that running list on Spotify, strap your phone in and away you go!

Il keep my eye out for you!

Thanks for reading Hun!

Stay Safe

Lauren Lily Lea xxx


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