How not to go up 2 dress sizes during Isolation.

I’m bored in the house…In the house bored. Isolation got you craving? I don’t know about you but I’m constantly hungry and I’m desperately trying not to come out of isolation looking like an absolute whale. I don’t even know what day it is any more let alone what the hell I’m meant to be doing about trying not to gain 3 stone.

 Surely, I’m safe drinking Pornstar Martinis in the garden at lunch time, I mean its 5pm somewhere?! And I’m led to believe calories don’t count during a crisis (yeh I know I’m living in La La Land babe!) I think i need some help and I’m certain you probably do too!

So, I’ve turned to my guru, the woman who leads me down the right path (kicking and screaming) My friend and fitness trainer Samantha Brian. Sam hasn’t always been into fitness and she knows that sometimes the struggle is real. She is now a fitness queen, running personal training sessions and classes at my local gym – Caveman training.

She also runs an online training and nutrition business with her husband Scott – SB Coaching. So, let’s see if she can help a girl out and stop me from falling into a massive hole (a bit like Gemma Collins did that time…I swear I didn’t laugh!)

Even the Kardashians eat pizza!

Sam help me out here. I’m trying to be good so What exactly is a balanced diet?

“A Good balance of protein, fats and carbs, incorporating as much good quality nutrient dense whole food as possible. Having treats and the foods you like should stay in your diet just in moderation. “

Well that’s good news Hun! For a minute I thought I we were going to have to go cold turkey and put away the gin forever! So Maybe I need to rethink my diet of toast, a sandwich and pasta. Time to get some balance in there babes!

Do I need to exercise?

“We recommend so yes, keeping active whether that’s taking that walk or run or hitting a workout in your living room is a vital part of keeping your body and mind healthy. Just think if you have an active job that you aren’t doing for a short time then you need to replace your normal activity levels. The advantages outweigh any negatives on this one.

If you have children, this will have a fantastic impact on them. They can create healthy habits now that will last a lifetime and they will have you to thank.”

We can do this girls! Trainers on, lets go for a walk! I might even attempt a run! Or we can eye up Joe Wicks whilst doing a workout, Boom! (off to google gym clothes for women before I gain anymore weight).

a woman running
Let Get Running

Everyone keeps going on about portion control…is it important?
“Portion control is so important for anyone trying to improve or maintain their body composition in these tough times. Even if your food choices are good if you are eating too many calories for your current activity level then you will put on bodyfat.

With the current situation where we are being rightly advised to shop as infrequently as possible you need to be accountable for everything you eat, all those extra Cals from a biscuit here and a snack there will soon add up.”

Oh gosh, I really had better stop my midday Nutella fest. I bloody love a biscuit too, but I’d rather only have the occasional one rather than looking like I ate Fox’s out of business.

I remember once seeing online that a certain celebrity (probably someone like Margot Robbie that looked like she was sculpted by bloody god himself) that they eat their food on a smaller plate, therefore making it look like it has more on it and fooling yourself into thinking you have eaten more.

Sounds like a plan to me. Maybe this will cut my pasta portion from 5 to 3.

Can time of the month influence things?
“During the time of the month the body will crave more calorie dense foods like chocolate and carb heavy foods such as pizza/bread etc. As a woman you should allow for roughly 200 Cals more (depends on the person) during this phase of your cycle.

That isn’t to say you run out and buy whatever to satisfy your cravings. You can plan ahead. You know when you are due to start your cycle so pre make some low-calorie chocolate snacks. There’s are 100’s in the SB Coaching Recipe Books that you could make and certainly feel satisfied from. Just think before you act.

 Craving a pizza? Buy one from a supermarket or make one instead of ordering in. You can save 700 calories easy by doing this and you still get your fix. Dark Chocolate is another good swap too. If you eat nutritious foods 80% of the time you’ll crave less anyway.

Don’t forget to keep active during this time too. Just go lighter with weight and do what you can. You aren’t expected to pop out any Personal Bests at this time, but you should most definitely continue to train. Your body will thank you.”

Right that’s it! I’m breaking up with my man, he’s just not supporting me during this crisis, and he isn’t helping me out during time of the month. I’m going to break poor Papa John’s heart, but it’s a choice I must make. Hun…its over! Get over me!

papa johns pizza
Papa We Are Breaking up!

Can I have a weekend off?
“If a weekend off, means smashing junk food and alcohol for 2 days solid then no. However, you could factor in slightly lower calories Mon- Fri to allow a bit more flexibility at the weekend.

You still however have to plan the weekends food as you don’t want to undo the good work you have done Monday to Friday. You wouldn’t get a flat tyre and then go and slash your remaining 3 tyres, would you??”

So maybe Hun, we are good during the week and give ourselves a bit of room to breathe at the weekend. Not a full bottle of Rhubarb gin though babe, just one or two – and maybe a little Kinder Bueno (I can taste it already!)

What about drink?
“Everything in moderation but again the Cals from booze could maybe factored in once a week, if you can do without it then do it, if you have an issue with it don’t buy it. Lower calorie options for the win. Just substituting that Porn Star Martini for a Gin and Tonic can save you roughly 200 calories maybe more. Again, just stop and think about it.”

I think we need to knock wine Wednesdays on the head Hun! If all this behaviour carries on it won’t be work, I’ll be going to after isolation it will be an AA meeting! Let’s save those calories for the weekend babes, makes it much more worthwhile.

healthy treats fom SB coaching
Healthy Treats

In a nutshell what would your advice be?
“Plan your meals and food for the week, this will help with shopping less frequently and keep you accountable for the food and drink that you consume.

Keep your activity levels high whilst staying indoors and keeping to the government’s advice.
If you have a binge(bad)relationship with specific foods or drink then DONT buy them in!! If you are reaching for all the foods, you are just trying to fill a void that was once activity/work/general life.

The temporary fulfilment you’ll get from high calorie dense food is short term fix of happiness. In a nutshell you’re over consuming calories and you will gain weight, feel worse, mental health will suffer and you will regret it when all of this is over. We are not on holiday! Why not use this time to get in great shape for when we can all get out and about again?

So, there we have it guys! I think it’s sensible, we just need stop treating everyday like a pre drinks with the girls and try to be more balanced in what we eat. So, Hun we got this!

Pre food shopping list of what we are getting, and steer clear of the biscuit aisle, and I’m not even looking at the gins I promise! I’m going to come out in a few weeks’ time an absolute Isolation sensation with a body like a goddess (yes, I know, I LOL’d at that too!), but we can try!

If you want to find some of Sam’s amazing recipes or you are interested in signing up to her online coaching, then head over and check out her page!

Thanks for reading Hun!

Stay safe

Take Care

Lauren Lily Lea xxx for recipes

Samantha brian
Samantha Brian
SB coaching


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