Nelsons Gin School

Need to buy a gift for someone? You have scrolled through every website known to man, your racking your brains thinking ‘what hobbies do they have apart from drinking?’ (pretty much sums up the reason I wrote this post!)

Boom…get in… ‘best presents for gin lovers’…’gin making experience’…Yes we hit the mark!

This is how I stumbled across Nelsons Gin School, luckily for me a local craft gin distillery. I didn’t know much about Nelson’s Gin, but it sounded like the perfect gift for my Gin loving dad. Add to cart!

nelsons gin school
Nelsons Gin School

Gin School

We arrived at 10am along with about 6 other small groups of people. Our teacher for the day was a lovely guy who told us everything there was to know about gin and Nelsons as a brand. Now I’m not going to ruin it for anyone thinking about going and give you a step by step run down of what the day entails (buy a voucher Hun like I did!).

 I couldn’t believe how much goes into making gin and the whole history about how as a nation the UK has become obsessed with the good stuff! Throughout the day we were given large amounts of gin to try (my dad as the designated driver had to of course give me his…so 6 large gins later…) Fun Times!

a glass of nelsons gin
Sampling The Gin

Let’s make gin

After we had chatted all things Gin and had an amazing lunch, we were given the chance to make our own bottle of gin, with any ingredients we fancied! It wasn’t how I imagined it to be – I thought you would pick your ingredients and Geoffrey takes it into a warehouse and whips it up for you to take home later. Oh no – we made it each step of the way ourselves. This was the fun bit (my inner science geek loved this part!).

We picked ingredients or ‘botanicals’ should I say such as pink peppercorn, sweet bitter orange, vanilla, kaffir lime leaves and coconut. All these brew into your gin and give you your own custom-made flavour. You then get to wax seal your gin and take it home, you can also get your own brew made to order should you run out (so in a months’ time then Hun?)

making gin
Lets Make Gin!

Nelsons Gin

Who are nelsons gin I hear you say?

Nelson’s are a relatively new name in the gin world (yes there are other brands other than Gordons Gin and Whitley Neill believe it or not) Nelson’s were established in 2015 by owner Neil Harrison who says ‘‘It’s not like whisky. It’s not flavoured by oak or age. The flavours all come from the herbs and spices that you put in it. It’s also quicker to make. It takes about eight hours from start to finish to make about 200 litres of gin. Then you have to blend it down the day after that and then you can bottle it the day after that.’

Nelson’s Gin is infused with 27 different botanicals from all over the world including Madagascan vanilla, kaffir lime leaves from Thailand and juniper from Poland. ‘Most gins use only seven or eight botanicals. It’s like when you’re a chef making a curry. Every time you add one thing it changes everything else so it’s quite a difficult process. With a lot of gins, you get juniper and then it’s finished. We’ve tried to get a really long finish on our drink. It goes citrussy, then vanilla, then flowery, then at the end you get a slightly peppery note.

‘It comes out of the still at about 84 per cent proof so we blend that down with Peak District water that runs off the Staffordshire Moorlands and is filtered through a reed bed.’

So, you won’t be needing to add gallons of flavoured tonic or slices of fruit for this gin to taste nice, the flavour has it all! (trust me I’m on my 3rd bottle!) Not only do nelsons make amazing Gin but rum, vodka and even wedding favours! (I’d be happy at any wedding with those!!) … FYI their Pineapple rum is one for the summer in the garden! – you know one of those where your three sheets to the wind by 3pm and ordering a pizza!

a bottle of own mixture gin made at nelsons gin school
Our Own Made Gin

Chin Chin

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gin tasting experience, I would highly recommend Nelsons! And If you can’t make it then they have an online website where you can buy any of their amazing gifts and spirits, my personal favourite is their Rhubarb and Custard Gin! (you need to try it!) they also do a pineapple and passionfruit gin…OMG!

This blog post wasn’t sponsored, I simply wanted to share my great gin adventures!

Thanks for reading Hun!

Stay safe,

Take care!

Lauren Lily Lea xxx


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