Designer Wedding Shoes – Are they worth it?

Getting married is one of the most exciting (albeit rather stressful too) times of your adult life. Whether your having a small intimate wedding or inviting half your town, making sure each detail is perfect is a brides top priority. Ensuring everyone else has a good day too is equally as important.

You already have the perfect dress, hair and makeup is sorted and now it’s time to go shoe shopping.

I think its fair to say that 95% of wedding dresses are long (my mum has a bridal shop so I’m fairly knowledgeable about all things bride), so is there any point in buying designer shoes when for the most part no one is ever going to see them?

Well I’m not going to lie I love a good designer piece and shoes are my vice so for me its an absolute no brainer, the shoes have to be pricey!

If the thought of spending more than £200 on a pair of shoes makes your eyes nearly pop out, then let me tell you why I think designer bridal shoes are worth it.

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Have a budget

You planned your wedding on a budget, everything down to the cost of the chair ribbons and cutlery – but did you include shoes? Probably not…probably because you thought you would nip to your local shopping centre or hop on to ASOS and pick some off there.

Why not allow in the budget for a pair of amazing shoes, you have already budgeted for an amazing dress so you wouldn’t want to cheapen the look of it by having an ordinary pair of shoes from next. (or you might – each to their own, it’s ok).

It doesn’t surprise me that people don’t budget for shoes when the average budget for a dress in my area is below £1000 (which is quiet low in the grand scheme of dresses – my first wedding dress cost £4000 and that was 5 years ago!).

Getting married is all about creating memories and who wouldn’t want an amazing pair of shoes to wear again after to remind you of that special day?

But I’ll never wear them again…

My only question to this would be…why??? Why you would ever buy something expensive and only ever wear it once baffles me!

Its really important if you are thinking about buying a designer pair of wedding shoes that you choose something that allows you to wear them again. Just because they might be white or lacey doesn’t mean that they have to stay in the box stuffed at the bottom of your wardrobe!

Anything that I own that is designer is worn until its hanging on by a thread -you absolutely need to get your wear out of them/it. So rather than planning your next night out and thinking you need to buy a new pair of shoes – bust out the wedding shoes, not only will you feel amazing wearing them but the memories associated with those shoes will guarantee you a great night.

Buy a money jar – Not on The High Street

I can’t dance in heels

Who can? Unless you’re a strictly come dancing professional or JLo! Now although you might be wearing designer wedding shoes that doesn’t mean you have to keep them on all night and end up covered in blood and blisters. Take those babies off! Dancing and mingling are integral to any good wedding and you don’t want to miss out because your Louboutin’s are giving your feet a pounding. Girl relax your can wear them again soon!

Think of the photos

In a world obsessed with photos and creating everything ‘for the gram’ imagine how pretty designer shoes would look on your wedding photos! So much so you could even have it as a print in your house!

I really can give you every excuse you need to buy a pair of designer wedding shoes.

Say I Do In Choo

I really can’t afford

Maybe you don’t own anything designer or you have absolutely no desire for anything expensive…at the end of the day you can’t take these things with you to another life. So even if you can’t afford or just aren’t willing to blow the budget on designer footwear – no one is going to judge you. weddings are about Love and everything else is white noise so, as long as you are marrying the person of your dreams then that is all that matters! (so, don’t panic about the shoes).

But if you can work a couple of overtime shifts and sell some old shoes to buy a sentimental pair of designer beauties, I encourage you to do so.

“give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

Thanks for reading Hun

Take care

Stay safe

Lauren Lily Lea


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