Brow Lamintation

What the fluff are you talking about?

Brow lamination AKA Fluffy Brows is an AMAZING new beauty treatment designed to give you bold, bushy and bigger brows than ever before (I have not loved a brow treatment like this in years babes let me tell you!). Hot on the market in September 2019 this treatment went worldwide and has created a shift in brow fashion for the first time in years! We have evolved on from the ‘Instabrow’, People are putting down the pomade and going au natural. But what the hell is it? And is it for me? Well as a Brow expert let me tell you some more Hun!..

a picture of brows that have had a brow lamination treatment
Fluffy Brows

How Does It Work?

Put simply Brow Lamination is the straightening out of your brow hairs. 4 simple products are used to create these beautiful brows; 1; Volume Lifter,2; Volume Fixer, Tint and 3; Nourishing Serum. This 4-part treatment works by firstly straightening out all of your brow hairs by brushing them up and sweeping them around your brow bone. They are then left to process in this way for up to 15 minutes, during this time they are covered with brow wrap (similar to cling film) to contain the body heat to help speed up the process. This is then wiped off and we cover the brows in Volume fix in the same way to set those bushy new brows into place. Once the timer is up you will then get your brows tinted – if you aren’t allergic to tint (I am, which is great news when you’re a beauty therapist!)

OMG its getting exciting now…your brows will now be looking a-maz-ing! You brow technician will then wax your brows (some technicians do this before – me personally I like to see what all the brows hairs look like before I start taking any out). Now the brows have been pruned they are set with a nourishing serum for 24 hours. Brows will look slick and silky during the development time (I love how they look when they look this slick). And there we have Brow lamination in a nutshell. It’s a quick 45/60 minute service with no downtime (doesn’t leave you looking like you need to go into isolation for a week whilst it settles down) and for the next 6/7 weeks you can expect to have beautiful bushy bigger and better brows.

a picture of fluffy brows
Before and after Brow Lamination

What happens next?

Development time?? 24 hours?? What are you on about Hun? So, some beauty treatments require a processing time, this is after the treatment has finished and the treatment still needs time to finish processing. During the lamination process the bonds within the brow hairs are broken down and build back up.

 Treatment part 1 breaks down the bonds of the hair so we can set the brows into the desired look. Treatment part 2 then seals those cuticles back up into place so they stay the way we have put them and treatment number 3 conditions the brow hairs – like you would condition your hair. Internally inside the brow hair the development continues for approximately 24 hours. Therefore, your Brow tech will tell you to keep your brows clean and dry for 24hrs after the treatment (so, listen up babes she aint telling you for the fun of it!).

What do I do now?

You will be blown away by how long/thick and full your new brows look. The transformations I have created are mind blowing! (I’m a 90’s girl so I had 3 hairs on each brow during my teens and I never thought my brows could be saved…. until this came along!). What you do with your brows after the treatment will depend on how you like your brows to look. You can brush them up, you can brush clear brow gel through them to set them into place, you can colour them in, or you can do nothing at all. Low maintenance amazing brows for the next few weeks! Yes Please!!!

a photo of the treatment brow lamination
Brow Lamination

Let’s get it booked!

There are so many phenomenal brow lamination technicians all over the country. When your choosing someone to go to then my honest advice would be only go to someone who does brows as the main part of their beauty services. This will be the difference in getting good brows and mega brows!

I’m a firm believer that GOOD beauticians cannot be a master of all trades and therefore that’s why I suggest seeing a brow specialist, someone that eats/sleeps and breathes brows. Now you wouldn’t go to a nail tech for a killer set of lashes would you Hun. Ya get me? So do your research, look around, ask for recommendations and discover Brow Lamination for yourself! You will NOT be disappointed.

Lauren Lily Lea doing the brow lamination treatment
Me doing Brows

If you want to book in with the best AKA me (obviously) then follow my salon link below.

Oh, and a side note…. Don’t try this at home! We are professionals for a reason babe!

Thanks for reading Hun!

Stay Safe

Lauren Lily Lea xxx

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