Lash Lifting – The Natural Lash Treatment

Lash treatments have been around for years, starting with the good old fashion lash perm, now ranging to mega volume Russian lashes. Most women enhance their lashes in some way, whether it be Lash lifts, False lashes, or Lash extensions. Lashes are a staple beauty treatment in any modern salon and some people have phenomenally successful businesses just by being a lash technician.

So today I am going to talk about Lash Lifting, what it is and how it can work for you. One of the most popular names for lash lifting is LVL Lashes, this was one of the first treatments of this kind bought to the beauty industry over 10 years ago by the brand Nouveau. This treatment has been going strong for years and still shows no sign of slowing down. The demand for this treatment is high, and for anyone looking for a natural lash treatment this is the one for you. LVL Lashes is a branded name for the treatment of Lash lifting.

What is a Lash lift?

Lash lifting is a completely different treatment to lash perming which it often gets confused with. Unlike perming (which curls your lashes back and can make them appear shorter) lash lifting stretches the lashes up from the root, giving them a slight bend (or curl) so they appear longer, more defined and curled. Lash perming isn’t even taught in college anymore and I think its been left on the shelf due to its old fashion nature.

Most clients want the maximum lift and curl from this treatment and the type of products used to give you your desired look will often be chosen by your lash technician. Different types of lashes will curl and lift differently than others and as with anything some peoples results will be better than others.

What happens during a lash lift?

A lash lift treatment often takes around 45 minutes, during this time your lashes are prepped, treated, and tinted. You will have your eyes closed during the treatment and will be laid on a bed or in a beauty chair. I often get asked if it hurts – absolutely not! It’s a very relaxing treatment and it’s probably for only half of the treatment that your lash technician will be touching your face, the perfect time to relax!

Patch tests are always required for this type of treatment to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions; patch tests must be updated every 6 months even if you have not reacted before. Don’t be tempted to ask if you can have the treatment without one, no qualified professional should let this happen.

During the treatment your lash tech will pick a ‘shield’ for your lashes, these ‘shields’ are what your top lashes are adhered too – the type of shield your lash tech chooses depends on the look you are after and the type/length of your natural lashes.

How long does a lash lift last?

Just like the hair on your head, your lashes shed – you naturally lose lashes everyday as new ones grow through. Most lash cycles are around 6-7 weeks. During this time, your long recently lifted lashes will shed, and new untreated lashes will grow through.

The effect does ‘drop’ like your hair might after you spent an hour curling it. The Lash lift treatment works inside the cuticle of the lash to change its structure.

As everyone’s lash cycles may change slightly, we recommend clients to return after 6 weeks, usually we can expect to see a mixture of slightly curled lashes and straight lashes. Your lash tech shouldn’t want to do them any sooner than this as this may leave to them being over processed and damaged.

Some people do find the treatment may last longer and return treatments can then be discussed with your lash tech.

Will Lash lifts ruin my lashes?

When done right, definitely not! This treatment should only ever be preformed by a qualified professional who uses reputable products. Each brand of Lash lift products works differently so if you have experienced different treatments in different salons this may be why. Your lash technician should be confident in the timings needed for your lashes to get the desired results and to ensure that no damage is caused.

Sometimes we can be thrown a curveball and something out of our control may affect the treatment and your lashes – this can be a change in client medication, health, products used on lashes and so on. Its important to discuss anything which you may think will affect your treatment beforehand.

Can I wear mascara?

Probably the second most asked question about this treatment. Remember a lash lift is a treatment done to your own lashes so once the treatment has been done and you have allowed the correct time post treatment for your lashes to develop you can treat your lashes as your would normally.

This means that you can wear mascara, pull them/pick them (not that we advise that) wear strip lashes and so on. Whilst your lashes will be tinted – if you’re not allergic, you may choose to wear mascara on them still, that is down to personal preference.

Who is Lash lifting good for?

Anyone! The only prerequisites to this treatment are that you need healthy lashes prior to treatment. If you have that (which most people do) then you are good to go! If you don’t fancy wearing lash extensions, you are useless at applying strip lashes and want fuss free lashes then lash lifting is the treatment for you!

Whilst most of my clients have this done regularly every 6 weeks, we often see a spike in treatments during the summer when people want to get summer and holiday ready.

So, if this sounds like the treatment for you, research your local lash technicians – have a little look at their photos, get your patch test and book in. You won’t be disappointed. There is nothing to not love about this fabulous fuss free treatment.

Thanks for reading Hun,

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