Bad Skin, But I’m an Adult?!

Feel like you’re a teenager again? More spots than a Dalmatian and you don’t know what the hell to do about it? Let me help you out Hun! Now I’m not a dermatologist but I am a keen Level 4 trained skin specialist that can hopefully give you an incite into how to get the better skin and get you feeling in control of your skin again! Whoever said we get better with age… we know they are lying Hun! We have to contend with wrinkles, so I won’t stand for spots too!

a woman getting a facial
Look after that skin!

What would you class as bad skin?

As a skin specialist that sees numerous amounts of people a day, I wouldn’t class bad skin as a couple of blemishes. I know we all feel conscience when we have a huge spot right in the middle of our face but trust me that is nothing compared to what some people suffer with. Unless you have cystic acne then most ‘bad skin’ can be helped and treated by doing a few simple things. (I never remember reading anything in 17 magazine about bloody adult acne!).

So, when I hear Huns say ‘I have bad skin’ I’m talking anything from oily skin, dry skin, ageing skin, pimples, pregnancy skin. Sound familiar? Now you don’t have bad skin… I just need to tell you how to get better skin! So, read on babe!

The Skin

First things first

The two first questions I always ask any client of mine are…

  1. How much water do you drink a day?
  2. What do you use to clean your skin?

Hydrate me

Regardless of how healthy you eat we still always fuel our bodies with sugar, fat and additives in food. Unless you drink water to help flush these and other toxins out of your body then they are going to stay in your system and will come out in your skin (your skin reacts to the toxins its not literally coming out of your skin babe). A couple of drinks of juice a day or 4 brews isn’t going to do the job Hun! You need to be drinking AT LEAST 2 litres of water a day!

 As gross as it sounds one way to tell if you have drunk enough water is by looking at your wee! Urine should be as clear as possible and if your drinking plenty of water you should also be going to the toilet a lot more! I know it’s a bloody pain getting up every 30 minutes but trust me your skin, body and mind will thank you for it!

Clean Skin? I Don’t think so!

I’m not here to brand bash but makeup wipes and Micellar water do absolutely bugger all! I love a good analogy and how I describe using this to my clients are as follows – so you have just finished your dinner, you take your plate to the bin and scrape off any excess food or bits left on the plate with a piece of kitchen roll, you then put the plate away ready for tomorrow. Would you?? Really?? No, I don’t think so babe! This wipes it, it doesn’t clean it. So, you really think that layer of foundation, concealer & mascara is coming off with a few wipes or pads of cotton. Trust me it isn’t. So, the next day you get up and put that face on again, on top of that half-cleaned skin. Got you thinking now haven’t I Hun?

a woman cleaning her face
Clean your skin with a Cloth

Know your skin type

Firstly you need to find a brand that is suitable for your skin type or else its never going to work out right, so don’t go out buying XY & Z because you heard Janet in the canteen tell Sheila she’s been using X and now she’s got the best skin ever. Buy for your skin type! But what is my skin type I hear ya say?

  • Oily – greasy all over, makeup slides off easy, shiny after a couple of hours. Generally, hair can be the same
  • Normal – you don’t need to read this post if you have normal skin (I’m jealous Hun!)
  • Dry – skin feels tight, it can be flaky. Makeup often looks cakey.
  • Sensitive – skin often has little or lots of redness, skin reacts with several products. Skin can feel sore to touch.
  • Combination – normal or dry in areas then oily in others (usually the T zone which is the forehead down the nose to the chin).
  • Acne – large red puss filled spots on and under the skins surface – you need to seek professional help for acne skin (someone like me or a doctor)

So, know you know your skin type you can look into the best products for you. I will down the line do more in depths blogs about shopping for your skin type or we will be here forever!

Clean it up!

You need to wash your face! (Like you would wash that plate!). So, whether it’s a creamy/ gel/ lotion cleanser you need to double cleanse twice a day, regardless of whether you have worn makeup or not. I recommend using a muslin cloth or beauty sponges to wipe your cleanser off with.  (using your fingers or splashing your face does naf all Hun let me tell you!)

Cleanse 1 cleans away any oil, makeup, dirt, pollution or sweat that may be sitting on your skin. Cleanse 2 then cleans your skin properly, washing the dirt out of your pores. Its normal for skin to feel tight after this cleanse. Then if your skin care brand requires you to tone (some cleansers change the PH balance of your skin and toning it returns the natural moisture, balancing it back out).

Finally, you need to moisturise, especially if you have oily skin! Don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need it! Skin is clever!! Skipping moisturiser only encourages your skin to produce more oil, because it thinks it needs it.

a woman squeezing  a pimple

What can affect skin?

There are so many reasons your skin can be worse than normal. Hormones, pregnancy, time of the month, diet, lifestyle and so on. Hormonal skin generally goes in waves of being bad or good due to the changes occurring inside your body, you can try switching up contraception if you’re on it (not a choice to be taken lightly if you only get a few pimples!)

Time of the month usually throws out a massive spot or two – you know its coming so drink plenty of water and get that skin routine perfected! Stress, depression, anxiety – all conditions that affect us internally are inevitably going to affect us externally too.

Most of the clients I see have bad skin down to diet and lifestyle, now your not going to stop living for good skin (hell will freeze over before I stop drinking rose at a weekend for good skin) – luckily for me I have good skin, all part of the job thankfully!

Your good all week, then hello Friday! Your cracking open the Hendricks and dialling your favourite man…Papa john! Monday comes back around you have your Tupperware box full of salad and you have a new friend sitting on your cheek – otherwise know as ‘enjoyed the weekend’. So, don’t be surprised when your good most of the time and when your fuel your body with rubbish it rebels, skin can be a bigger Diva than Mariah!

Another major factor in getting good skin is keeping stuff clean! I’m talking your phone, your work phone, your pillowcase, your face cloths, makeup brushes, sponges. Anything that touches your face needs to be clean! So, get that brush cleaner out Hun, don’t pretend you did them last week! Keeping things clean reduces the amount of rubbish coming into contact with your skin, no more spots please!

a woman getting a facial
Love the skin you’re in!

Be Happy

Time to get that routine in place, your brushes cleaned and keep yourself hydrated! Stick to a routine for at least four weeks. Skin can purge (breakout) at first as its clearing out all the toxins. Remember things always get worse before they get better, and by next month you should start seeing brighter and more beautiful skin! So, don’t thank me just yet!

Thanks for reading Hun!

Stay safe,

Take care babes!

Lauren Lily Lea xxx


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