A Weekend In Prague

Do you Love a good weekend away on the continent? Yes, me too Hun I love a good city break! At Christmas me and my fiancé decided we were going to spend our money on a getaway rather than buying presents. So I did the usual perusing on booking.com to check out where to go… Paris / Rome / Germany / Amsterdam (don’t think I could be trusted not to get stoned and going arse over tit and end up face first in the canal) So where can we go…Prague.

Cheap cheerful and supposedly plenty of bars…TICK! So if you’re looking for a weekend away and thinking where does Lauren go, she’s always bloody away (hence why I’m always broke) then continue reading this blog for an honest review on my visit to Prague (or don’t, you can always go on TripAdvisor and listen to Carol who only ever stays in the Hilton and found a crease in the cotton bedsheets and was so horrified she found a speck of dust in the Air Bnb that she took 562 photos of it and uploaded them for everyone to see…Just saying). Your choice.

view from the charles bridge in prague
View from The Charles Bridge

Getting to Prague

We stayed right in the centre of Prague at a little hotel called Hotel Elite, which cost us £234 for 3 nights. We drove to Manchester and parked at APH (I always use this place, its cheap and never had a problem) we flew cheap and cheerful with Ryanair just taking hand luggage. Now you can choose to pay £50 and get a taxi to your hotel in Prague or if you’re my fiancé, making your own way there is “part of the fun”.

You can get the metro for about £16 return, It’s easy! You get the bus outside of Prague airport and get off at Zlicin (obviously check if this is close to where you may want to stay if you’re thinking of going). If you have ever got a train or the underground before this is the same. It isn’t full of weirdos and it only took about 45 minutes with one change over so easy peasy. I am all about convenience but the money we saved meant I could have more cocktails so that will do me Hun!

Things to Do in Prague

Now for anyone that knows me, knows that I am OBSESSED with organisation and planning (I even have a Trip Planner from Paperchase). I even plan where to eat and what bars to go to. When I looked for things to do in Prague to be honest there wasn’t much. So, I decided to just take it as it came when we got there (yes believe it not I can allow myself to go with the flow – not very often mind).

There were a few main attractions in Prague that everyone seems to do/see which are – the Charles Bridge, The John Lennon Wall (one for the gram), Prague Castle & The Astronomical Clock. Although I may not look it, but I am rather cultured and I can engross myself in any old attraction, but Prague’s typical “to do list” in all honesty is rather bore. Yes…I said it. I’m sorry! Now don’t make this a reason not to go, everyone’s different but when you have a fiancé that has ants in his pants and won’t just spend the day drinking coffee (or wine if it’s after 12.01pm) then we have to have a rather long list of things to be cracking on with. Once we had seen and done the attractions – which can be done in a day (so spread them out) we just generally spent our time wondering around and exploring all areas of Prague.

I don’t think many people go over the river much but it’s nice across the other side and there are a few good places to explore such as Prague castle (which is enormous and had some amazing winter markets selling mouth-watering foods!) If your one for taking photos and don’t mind the graft in getting them then if you fancy climbing 299 steps and spending £3.50 to go up Petrin Tower then you can get some amazing views and photo opportunities of the whole of the centre of Prague.

I think if your into leaving your hotel room at 7am and spending all day doing excursions or “things to do” and only stopping for a quick bite to eat then I think you would probably only need to spend a day in Prague. (Savage) but, if your happy mooching about and eating and drinking being part of your daily things to do then I think you would be happy (that’s always my plan Hun).

The john lennon wall tourist spot in prague
The John Lennon Wall

Eating your way around Prague

Eating out is a massive part (mainly the whole part tbh) of any holiday or break I go on. Put quiet simply I LOVE food! So, every single time before I go away, I trawl the internet for places I can eat, what’s the most popular food and the countries local cuisine. The easiest way of finding the best food places is by checking out Instagram! A lot of large cities have a food page which features some of the delights from its city – the main two I followed were @tasteofprague & @prague.foodguide.

 I will also hashtag things such as ‘#praguefood, #eatingprague #pragueeats’ these normally bring up a good number of places. I will save any of the photos I particularly like, find out where they are then add them to a list. Then by the time I go away I have a list (yes, another list) of all the places I liked the look of for breakfast/lunch/dinner/sweet/savoury. Now your thinking is this woman a mentalist…yes, I am! Well only slightly, but I promise you I have eaten some of the best food in the world this way. I also hate walking around aimlessly hangry as hell thinking FEED ME ready to murder someone. So, I’d rather whip out my list and be like ‘right let’s go here’ and off we trot!

 I’m not going to do a critique of every single place we went in Prague, but here’s a quick rundown…

  • Medieval Tavern – This is the other side of the river at the bottom of Prague castle. It’s an old tavern dating back to 1000BC. You can’t see bugger all in here it’s that dark but it’s very authentic and the décor is cosy. I Had soup in a bread bowl and a few beers. Cheap enough and a nice way to spend a couple of hours out of the cold feeling cosy.
  • Hanabi Sushi House – This is just outside the city centre about 20 mins walk from our hotel. The sushi here was amazing! Very Hakkasan. I thought omg this is going to be one of those times not to look at the bill, but it wasn’t any more expensive than what you would pay in a city in the uk. The drink menu wasn’t huge it was mainly classic cocktails and a few wines. Portion sizes are huge so don’t do what we did and order too much that it looks like your trying to do a man Vs food challenge.
  • The Street – Close to the city centre. Great little place for burgers/hotdogs and street food. Seemed to be full of locals (never a bad sign) – a nice pitstop for lunch and not expensive
  • Good Food Bakery – This is THE place on insta to get a chimney cake (which is basically a pastry cone filled with cream and covered in toppings). It was nice but Mannnn they were sweet – and I can eat pure sugar. Worth a visit though, even if it is only for the gram.

There were so many nice restaurants to eat in Prague, like most European cities but it also had some great takeaways serving all types of cuisine. So even if you don’t book anywhere (we only booked the Sushi house) then I really don’t think you will go hungry! Like my visit to Krakow when I was googling food in Prague it is VERY meaty, predominantly pork and lamb. Neither of which I eat.

So, we didn’t visit many authentic Czech restaurants but there were so many other places we really didn’t need to. It also felt like there wasn’t a particular food apart from chimney cake that everyone seemed to eat so I don’t think we missed out. I couldn’t button my jeans up after three days, so I think I was fine.

a picture of a chimney cake from the good food bakery in prague
Chimney Cake

Drinking in Prague

I’ve always heard that Prague is known for its cheap beer and Stag do visits, so when we have it booked, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Having now been to Prague I have NO idea why you would go there on a stag do! First day, it was afternoon and the first port of call is always a bar (obviously). We wondered the streets for a good couple of hours and didn’t really find anywhere to be honest.

I know it’s not Magaluf, so I didn’t expect a strip of bars but in my opinion, they are really hard to find. I expected Beer Keller bars and continental versions or Wetherspoons (I can’t imagine Stag’s going to drink the finest Pinot in an upmarket wine bar). A lot of cocktail bars didn’t open until the evening and a couple we went in wouldn’t let us in as we weren’t dressed appropriately (it was 3c outside and raining Hun I’m hardly going to be strutting around in a House of CB dress and heels at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon!).

The busiest two places we managed to find in the centre…were, yep you guessed it! Bloody Irish bars! Now I love Guinness and I’m getting married to an Irishman but when you take an actual human from Ireland to a bar full of people obsessed with things from the emerald isles you stand noo chance of having a nice civilised drink, instead you spend 3 hours prizing him away from strangers asking him if he knows Liam Neeson and women saying ‘I Love the accent’ Me too Hun that’s why I’m stuck with the guy! The atmosphere in Irish bars is always great, there’s always live music and its always the most expensive place to drink.

I personally didn’t take note of any wine bars as that’s not my fiancé’s thing. There is a lot of “speakeasy” bars in Prague that are normally tucked away or secret (well not that much of a secret as I found them on Pinterest). We only went to one during our stay and that was Anonymous Bar. I love a good all about the gram type of place and this bar is perfect! If you don’t mind waiting about 45 minutes to get in and you plan on staying somewhere for a while drinking novelty cocktails, then this is for you.

I google reviewed this place (first time for everything). Worth having a look if you want to know more. In a nutshell Prague doesn’t have a vast number of bars in my opinion and that’s why I cannot understand what stag’s go for. If you plan on drinking 24/7 then maybe this isn’t the place for you. I’m sure by now you’re probably thinking, Jees someone get this woman the number for the AA. I Hear ya! I just like to eat drink and be merry when I’m away and Prague has limits. So, if you’re not so much of a wino as me I’m sure you will be grand.

What to wear in Prague?

This one is for my fashion babes out there. I don’t go away and pack ‘warm clothes’ no Hun it’s got to be fashionable. I love fashion and dressing up so deciding what to wear is important (for me anyway babes). Prague is windy! So, pack a hairbrush and don’t wear lip gloss. (currently envisaging the scene in white chicks). We went to Prague in January and it was about 3c, so I made sure I had layers and coats. I always hashtag the country I’m going to followed by fashion prior to going away because I like to see what people wear – not that this makes any difference whatsoever to how I dress, but if Huns are walking around in dresses and heels I am not going to pack my PLT loungewear!

 I always tend to wear trainers or Docs in the day when I’m exploring because I will be in an absolute fume if my feet hurt and my fiancé is dragging me up and down every alley. At night I always think firstly about the types of places we will be going too so I can dress accordingly (dress/blazer/jeans) then I dress for the weather getting to said place (scarf/coat/gloves), I always take a big tote bag to carry my heels in and wear my trainers until I’m outside. I love dressing up and I need photos for the gram so I aint going out dressed like I’m skiing down the French alps Hun. I think if you have big coats and trainers then just dress as you would normally. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I always overdress and what does it matter – especially in a foreign country where no one knows you. So, don’t be afraid to be extra babe!

Wrap it up

So, if you haven’t fallen asleep yet and you’re still reading (well done). Il try to sum Prague up as simply as I can. Would I go again – yes, why? I was in a major mood when I went to Prague (hair dilemmas) so I think I let this totally control my experience and upon reflection I don’t think I enjoyed it probably as much as I could have done. I think I would spend more time in coffee shops rather than bar hunting during the day (no I haven’t had a knock to the head).

Food – was it nice, yes really nice and I’d like to explore more restaurants. Season – I would love to go back in summer to experience the roof top bars and not to feel like every hour you needed to go inside to warm up. Go longer than the weekend – no! 2/3 days is more than enough in Prague, I think I would only go for 2 if I was to go again. Is it expensive? Probably similar to home to be honest. It does have its own currency but it’s not cheap like say Krakow (once you have been there, everywhere is expensive!). So, if you’re thinking of going on a mini break and want a city to tick off your list then visit Prague Hun and make your own mind up.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!

Lauren Lily Lea xxx

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